Bassingthorpe Church

Church of St Thomas a Beckett, Bassingthorpe
Church of St Thomas a Beckett, Bassingthorpe

The Church of St Thomas a Beckett sits on top of a steep Lincolnshire hill. It serves the three hamlets of Bassingthorpe, Lower Bassingthorpe, and Westby.

We have one service a month at our church, of Morning Prayer or Holy Communion. We are a friendly congregation to visitors to the church and services, and have a relaxed atmosphere.

The building

The church is a grade 1 listed building and is adjacent to the similarly graded Tudor Manor House.

Because of its dedication the church was probably being erected in 1170 when St Thomas a Beckett was murdered at Canterbury. Its principal architectural features are a 12th-century chancel arch and a 13th-century chancel.

The church was “restored” in Tudor times and in the early 20th century and has features of these dates. Internal monuments are sparse, although one commemorates John Newton of Westby, a churchwarden and a paternal ancestor of the famous scientist.

A gravestone in the churchyard is inscribed: “The grave – kind reader – to a level brings, Beggars, Heroes, Galley Slaves and Kings”.