Celebrations for HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday – April and June 2016

The Queen will be celebrating her 90th birthday this year. Queen Elizabeth is both the country’s longest reigning and the oldest monarch, and celebrations are planned around the country to mark her 90th birthday on Thursday, 21st April, and over the weekend of her ‘official birthday’, with street parties on Sunday, 12th June.

Lighting Corby’s Beacon – 21st April

We have been invited by the Pageantmaster for The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacons to include Corby Glen’s beacon in the chain of beacons to be lit across the country on 21st April, with the Queen lighting the Principle Beacon first.

This will be the third occasion our beacon has been lit: the first was for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, and the most recent was for the 70th anniversary of VE Day in May last year. Further details to follow.

Big Lunch and Street Party – 12th June

On 12th June, an enormous street party will be held on The Mall in London, with 10,000 guests joined by the Queen. Street parties will be held across the country at the same time, and the annual Big Lunch event has been timed to be on the same day.

Corby Glen will be joining in with our own HM Queen’s Street Party and Big Lunch. Again, more details to follow!

There will be more to announce as arrangements progress. For now, make a note in your diaries!

Steve Honeywood