Bassingthorpe Church

Church of St Thomas a Beckett, Bassingthorpe
Church of St Thomas a Beckett, Bassingthorpe

The Church of St Thomas a Beckett sits on top of a steep Lincolnshire hill. It serves the three hamlets of Bassingthorpe, Lower Bassingthorpe, and Westby.

We have one service a month at our church, of Morning Prayer or Holy Communion. We are a friendly congregation to visitors to the church and services, and have a relaxed atmosphere.

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Corby Glen Benefice

Priest-in-Charge: Revd Stephen Buckman
Tel: 01476 550884
E-mail: revstephen <at>

The Corby Glen Benefice is a group of six churches working together to show the love of God and to serve the communities they belong to:

Services are held every week at Corby Glen, Swayfield and Irnham. Monthly services are held at Burton-le-Coggles, Bitchfield and Bassingthorpe. For details of times and types of service, please see Church Services etc.

The churches at Corby Glen, Irnham, Burton and Bitchfield are open daily for visitors and private prayer.