Village Talks, Irnham

The final talk before Christmas 2015 was given by Chris Allan. He spoke of his time as a Royal Naval officer serving in HM submarines and entertained us with stories and events of this part of his career. He also explained the ‘workings’ of a submarine and gave us a flavour of life at sea during the Cold War years. It was a most interesting and informative talk.

Jill and Ken Orrell have plans for three further talks in the Spring. The first will be about the involvement of a former Irnham resident, Dick Salmon, in the BRM Grand Prix racing team. The talk will be given by Colin Gibson.

Irnham News January 2016

Christmas festivities started in Irnham with a well-attended Carol Service. The church was decorated with individual trees, flower arrangements and candles. The light showed beautifully through the stained glass window and the atmosphere was most welcoming as we approached via the lantern-lit path. Many thanks to Charles Leggatt who prepared the church so beautifully and who so generously provided the gluhwein and mince pies which we enjoyed after the service.

It was the Reverend Stephen Buckman’s first service in St Andrew’s and we hope he and his wife, Vicky, felt very welcome in the Irnham fold.

Just before Christmas members of the Parish Council organised a gathering and singalong in the Griffin Inn which was extremely well attended and a splendid opportunity for all the villages in the parish to get together. Mince pies and mulled wine were served and Martin Fuggle transferred his skills ably from church organ to his keyboard. Top marks to the Parish council for putting together this event.

Irnham Church

Church of St Andrew, Irnham
Church of St Andrew, Irnham

Irnham is still set out as our medieval ancestors would have understood. St. Andrew’s church dominates the top of a small tree-lined hill; to its south side is the medieval Irnham Hall (restored following a fire in Victorian times) and, beyond, two of the original three fishponds that would once have been reserved for the squire, the priest and villagers. Clustered around the base of the church’s hill are cottages and a few larger homes.

A service is held at St Andrew’s every Sunday morning, starting at 11 am. Our worship may be summarised as traditional, middle-ground and dignified. Our praise veers toward the muscular, being neither Evangelical nor Anglo-Catholic. We use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer for Matins and Common Worship for Holy Communion.

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Corby Glen Benefice

Priest-in-Charge: Revd Stephen Buckman
Tel: 01476 550884
E-mail: revstephen <at>

The Corby Glen Benefice is a group of six churches working together to show the love of God and to serve the communities they belong to:

Services are held every week at Corby Glen, Swayfield and Irnham. Monthly services are held at Burton-le-Coggles, Bitchfield and Bassingthorpe. For details of times and types of service, please see Church Services etc.

The churches at Corby Glen, Irnham, Burton and Bitchfield are open daily for visitors and private prayer.